Why this Fortune 500 Chose DoorDash for Work

Learn how DoorDash for Work became one of the top requested benefits at Synopsys

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About Synopsys

About Synopsys

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Synopsys has 5,000 employees in the U.S. and Canada helping design teams through their cutting-edge software, hardware, and supporting services.

As of October, Synopsys saw a 9% growth in employees and a 10% increase in revenue in Fiscal Year 2020.2

Learn how Synopsys invested in their employees, supporting them as they adjusted to working from home.

The Challenge

The Challenge

“We chose DashPass mainly because of our employees working from home,” Gloria Lee, Benefits Administrator at Synopsys explained, “Everybody knows it's been a tough year. And, and it was just another way of helping our employees out. Whenever you order in, you get $0 delivery fees, saving a little bit of money and saving time on cooking. It just helps our employees out.”

With 42 offices across the U.S., transitioning many of their employees to remote work was a huge adjustment for the Synopsys workforce.3 Luckily, their leadership team sprung into action, searching for new benefits to better support their employees nationwide.

With everyone working from home and kids distance learning, Synopsys really wanted benefits that could help the families of their employees. And with everyone spread out across the country, they needed benefits that have an impact from anywhere.

Gloria Lee

“We got the most positive feedback ever when we launched DashPass. After sending out our open enrollment brochure, I made a comment to my Manager on how surprising it was to receive so many messages from employees asking for more information on DashPass.”

Gloria Lee

Benefits Administrator, Synopsys


The Solution

Synopsys decided to offer employees DashPass for Work, a monthly subscription service that provides $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees on eligible DoorDash orders.

“You save money, you can order healthy food, and it also takes away that little bit of stress from cooking–there’s a whole mental health aspect,” Lee explained.

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The Results

By sending out an email to all U.S employees, adding information to Synopsys’ Benefits website, reminders in a monthly benefit newsletter, information in their wellness program and adding the DashPass for Work logo at the bottom of their signatures to spread awareness, the rollout of DashPass for work was an instant success:

“We got the most positive feedback ever when we launched DashPass, it was one right after the other, people really appreciate it, saying how this has helped them so much. And it's such a nice benefit to have. We're really glad that it's been doing really well. I've seen the numbers since our launch, and a lot of people are taking advantage of this benefit that we have.”

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