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Increase in likeliness of experiencing lower productivity because of unhealthy eating. 1

38 min/day

Is how much the average American worker spends on food prep. 2


Increase in productivity when employees are happy. 3

DoorDash for Work helps companies thrive

Benefits can have a daily impact on your business and employees:


Increase productivity

Offering food benefits can have a real impact on your employees every day. In fact, happy employees are 12% more productive. That’s an extra 58 minutes of performance per day, adding up to an extra 230+ hours per year. 4

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Improve daily performance

Employee health and stress are closely tied to job performance. Nearly half of employees have had at least one work failure–missing a deadline, a call, or other work matter–because they needed to prep food.5

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Improve company culture

63% of companies with a robust food program in place have seen a positive impact on company culture, showing the significant impact food benefits have.6

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Make competitive HR benefits

Today, the most competitive benefits packages include free food rewards. 55% of U.S. employees said they would be jealous if they heard their friends or family received workplace food benefits.7

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DashPass for Work

With DashPass for Work, our subscription service providing unlimited $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees, your employees will save on average $4-$5 per delivery. If your employees have DashPass, you could save an extra 15% to 29% on expensed meals between $15 and $35, saving even more when you want to treat your staff.

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Expensed Meals

Easily set recurring or one-time budgets for employees, which are automatically expensed to your corporate account. Whether for an important meeting or as a “thank you” for working late, you can reduce the manual labor of expensing meals.

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DashPass pays for itself
Just ask one National Financial Institution


Significantly high activation rate of DashPass subscriptions


On average, employees ordered delivery using DashPass 2.3 times per week


The bank unlocked value by giving 115 minutes back to each employee per month out of saved time by using DashPass

Result: 19x return on their DashPass subscription

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Choose an employee benefit that has a direct impact on your employee’s productivity

85% of employees said regular food delivery would increase their job satisfaction. Increase the impact of your benefits package today by speaking with one of our sales specialists.

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