Flexible meal plans at enterprise scale

DoorDash for Work lets you feed your growing company. Create custom meal plans, place large orders, and get hands-on support.

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Built for hungry enterprises

For large teams, DoorDash for Work can help

Expensed Meals

Let your team order DoorDash while you control where, when, and how much they spend.

DashPass for Work

Save money on every order and get back time spent on meal prep.

Get a dedicated account manager for ongoing support

From day one, you’ll have access to a dedicated account manager to help you set up your work portal, create custom meal plans, and ensure your team gets the most out of DoorDash for Work.

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Easily create and manage your team’s meal plan

With DoorDash for Work, you can manage your employee and team’s meal budgets and review all expenses in one easy-to-use dashboard. Set recurring and one-time budgets. Customize when and where budgets are available.

Control what you share with DoorDash

Privacy and security are built in from the beginning — well before you even place an order. You decide which users' contact information to share with DoorDash, and you can use a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to do so. Only required users can access this information, protecting your data from potential abuse or attack.

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Streamline your finance with centralized billing

Close your books faster with centralized billing. When employees place an order, we invoice your corporate account. No one needs to chase down receipts or file expense reports. It all happens automatically.

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