How to Bring the Office Lunch to your Remote Employees

Whether working remotely full-time or in a hybrid model, here are some options to keep your employees happy, healthy, and fed.

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We’ve moved into an era of distributed and hybrid workforces, where businesses have needed to quickly adjust to a new normal. One of the biggest changes has been finding ways to treat your in-office and remote employees to the same benefits. 

In other words, if your office employees enjoy a company lunch on Friday, you may want to do the same for your remote staff. For businesses thinking about this very question, we have a few ideas to help bring the office lunch to those at home. 

The realities of a flexible work environment

A flexible work environment enables teammates to work together on-site or power through tasks from a remote location. However, when there’s no distinction between work and life, it can be hard to not blend the two, which can lead to burnout. That means not only are your employees having to improve their time management and coordinate with their teammates’ schedules for meetings, but they’re also struggling to keep up with daily chores, often working longer hours to meet deadlines. 

Factor in  daily tasks of making breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, and it’s understandable why the ease and convenience of corporate food delivery sounds so appealing for employees  and can have a huge impact on your employees’ everyday lives. 

Meal solutions for flexible work models can be a valuable reward for both in-office and virtual employees. DoorDash for Work makes it easy to deliver delicious meals and perks to your team anytime, anywhere. Our modern, flexible meal ordering platform  is designed to extend beyond lunch to fit every employee's dining needs, wherever they work. 

Employee Meal Program: An ideal solution for the modern workforce

From desk lunches to late-night snacks, DoorDash’s Expensed Meals offering is the most versatile. Show your team how much you care by giving them a monthly food ordering stipend they can use anytime, anywhere. 

It’s easy to set up and easy to use, you can manage teams in real-time using the Work Portal. Pick eligible employees, set ordering hours, and assign spending limits in the Work Portal. You can even set automatic recurring budgets for specific situations or one-time meal stipends. This streamlined tracking system eliminates the need for employees to save receipts and saves your team the typical hassle involved with managing employee business expenses for meals

With DoorDash’s Expensed Meals solution, you don’t have to spend precious time and resources trying to find a restaurant that meets everyone’s culinary preferences and dietary concerns. You’ve got your employees covered, whether they crave fast food or vegan cuisine. Plus, with scheduled orders, your employees can order food at whatever time works during their busy day. 

DashPass for Work: A comprehensive platform for virtual lunch

Make a DoorDash membership part of your employee benefits package, with $0 delivery fees and reduced services fees on eligible orders. DashPass for Work is a wellness benefit your team will love. 

While your team alternates between working from the office and home, you can support them with delicious meal options delivered to their desk or door. It’s a great money and time saver, with DashPass users saving an average of $4 to $5 on every order, and it requires little to no management on your part. Just select how many DashPass memberships you want to grant, share your employees’ email addresses with DoorDash, and allow them to opt in for unlimited DashPass benefits. 

DashPass for Work is a flexible employee meal delivery option that works anywhere your employees do — whether at home or in the office — with benefits extending to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Corporate Gift Cards: A delicious way to say thank you

If you’re searching for an idea to acknowledge your team’s efforts in a way they’ll truly appreciate, you can’t go wrong with employee gift cards for food. DoorDash for Work’s Employee Gift Cards are a great way to give the gift of food for a job well done. A DoorDash gift card is a practical, enjoyable gift employees can use at their leisure. 

Ordering in bulk and sending gift cards to an entire department or organization is easy. Determine the budget you want to spend on all the gift cards (the minimum order is $750). Tally up the number of employees and calculate the monetary denomination you want to put on each card. Schedule gift cards for special occasions, like work anniversaries and birthdays, or send them to your team members all at once. You can customize gift cards to include thoughtful messages for an extra touch of personalization.  DoorDash gift cards don’t expire, so employees can redeem them anytime, anywhere.  

Re-ordering Employee Gift Cards is simple, too. You can always have them on hand—you may want to disburse them every month or issue them on special occasions. It’s a great gift for your employees who are working from both the office and home. 

Feed your team, wherever they are, with DoorDash for Work

Meal solutions for remote employees can—and should—be offered at your business. They’re a creative way to show your appreciation to your remote no matter where they are working. Remote food delivery is a practical employee benefit for everyone in your company. It’s especially helpful as a way to make your team feel supported when they’re working late or stressed to meet a deadline. Your employees may not be there in the office with you, but you can show them you are still there for them.

Contact us today or download Building a Remote Work Culture: How to Help Your Employees Thrive to access a comprehensive guide on building a strong work from home company culture.


Sara DeForest

Sara DeForest