Catering solutions–anytime, anywhere.

An alternative to traditional catering, meet safer, on-demand food options for your hybrid work model.

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We’re raising the bar on food at work.


Broad Coverage + Selection

Choose from 450k restaurants delivered by top Dashers rated 4.7+ stars.


Easy Ordering

Set a spending limit and everything is expensed to your corporate account.


Safe Delivery

Meals are individually packaged for added safety.


Flexible Work Options

Whether working at the office or at home, DoorDash for Work can deliver.


Why Choose Group Orders?

  • Schedule in advance, set a spending limit, pick a restaurant, and share the link with your employees.
  • Items are individually packed for added safety.
  • No invoicing madness, everything is expensed to your corporate account.

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Feed employees working from home with Expensed Meals.

  • Pick eligible employees, set ordering hours, and assign spending limits in the Work Portal.
  • Meals are automatically expensed to the company account.
  • Preferred customer support with your requests answered in 60 seconds or less

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Safe catering for your return to the office

Bring your team together in the new norm through:

  • Return to office celebrations  
  • Building in-office team culture and community
  • Incentivize returning to the office with free food

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Here's how it works.


Choose a restaurant for your team.


Set a spending limit, delivery time, and share the link with your colleagues.


Employees pick their order, which is individually packaged for added safety.


Employees working from home can order Expensed Meals directly to their door.

"The choice of restaurants is extensive and can be catered to your company's likes and dislikes. I highly recommend!"

-Tawni Martino, Executive Assistant at Zoom

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