Expensed Meals made simple

Set a food ordering budget for employees to expense meals anytime, anywhere they work.

Man carrying takeout boxes in office

Easy to set up, easy to use

illustration of coworkers eating together

Customize for your needs

Set and forget budgets for specific teams, time of day, and more.

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Expense with ease

Save time with an automated reimbursement process.

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Cut costs with free delivery

Save money with $0 delivery and reduced service fees.

Screenshot of "Create Budget" screen in app

Highly customizable meal budgets

Allocate recurring budgets or one-time meal stipends. Define budgets by employee, team, day, time, or location. Restrict budgets to office deliveries if you want to encourage a return to the office.

Cut costs while saving employees’ time

Unlimited $0 delivery options mean your employees get more for less. Add SAP Concur ​​integration to make ordering and expensing meals easy, improve meal compliance, and save time and money. 

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Getting started is easy


Allocate budget

Designate eligible employees, customize budget rules, and assign spending limits per role or employee.


Employees order

Employees log in to DoorDash with their work email and place their orders.


Expense with ease

Receipts are sent directly to your Concur expense reporting tool, automatically scheduling them for reimbursement.