Feed your team wherever they work

DoorDash for Work makes it easy to set up and manage meals for your team.

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Flexible meal solutions for the modern workplace

Choose the DoorDash for Work product that's right for your company.

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Give meal credits

For remote, hybrid, or in-person teams, allocate one-time or repeat meal credits for employees to use on DoorDash.

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Enjoy meals together

For in-person meals, employees add their choices to one group cart for easy ordering and a single delivery from DoorDash.

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Work meals at scale

For the enterprise, DoorDash for Work makes it easy to set up meal programs, schedule group orders, and manage expenses for large teams.

Simplifying company meals for thousands of teams

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Offer employees DoorDash meal credits

Give recurring or event-based meal credits so employees can order DoorDash at home or in the office. Your team can choose from DoorDash's wide selection of local and national restaurants and grocery stores, and you set limits on when, where, and how much they can spend on meals. No need for employees to save receipts, as meals are automatically expensed to the company account.

Works great for in-office, remote, and hybrid teams or virtual events.

Let in-office employees choose their own items in one delivery

Use DoorDash for Work to place group orders for your team. Employees add their individual items to a shared DoorDash cart, so you spend less time coordinating orders. And since you placed one order, you'll only pay one set of fees and receive one delivery — ensuring your team can enjoy the meal together.

Works great for in-office teams or in-person events.

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Boost engagement and productivity with employee meals


Feel better about work with regular food delivery*


Say food benefits increase their productivity*


Enjoy sharing a meal with coworkers**

Frequently Asked Questions

DoorDash for Work is free to sign up — you just pay for what your team orders. For additional functionality and Enterprise-level support, see our pricing page or contact our sales team

The beauty of DoorDash for Work is that our solutions provide flexibility and choice for employees. Whether they're using meal credits to order Expensed Meals, or picking their own items in a shared Group Order, your team members will be able to choose meals that work for their health and dietary needs.

Employers can choose to pay for DoorDash for Work orders by credit card or by invoice.

  • For credit card payments: Add your preferred credit card as the payment method in your Benefits portal to pay for your team’s orders. Your card will be charged for every order placed by your team, so be sure to check with your bank to make sure they are aware of multiple orders being placed on the card.

  • For invoice payments: Pay for all of your team’s orders at once via a monthly invoice. Invoices are sent the first week of each month (for the month prior) with payment due 30 days after the invoice date (Net 30 terms). You can pay your invoices using a credit card or ACH through our invoicing and payment portal. 

Expensed Meals enables you to set a food ordering budget for employees to place expensed DoorDash orders anytime, anywhere — from desk lunches to late-night snacks, at home or in the office.

You set the budget as a one-time treat for ad-hoc events, or as a recurring benefit to encourage your team to take a break each day. Your team then gets to order what they want according to their own preferences, tastes, and dietary restrictions. By giving employees a convenient way to order expensed meals, you'll help reduce stress and improve productivity.

From work anniversaries to holiday celebrations to brainstorm sessions, food has long been a staple of corporate culture. But arranging a team meal can be stressful and time-consuming — and if you get one thing wrong, someone will be disappointed. 

DoorDash for Work helps fill that gap. With Group Orders, team members choose what they want to eat for their office get-together. Instead of placing multiple individual orders and paying multiple fees, you place one group order with one set of delivery and service fees. Your team can then enjoy a meal together, while you save time and money.

Learn more in our blog post Corporate Group Orders: Easily Cater Food at Work.

*Based on a survey conducted by DKC Analytics of 1,000 employed adults in September 2020; details here.

**Based on a survey conducted by OnePoll of 2,000 employed adults in the US in August 2022; details here.