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Employees add their own dishes to the group’s shopping cart, so your team can eat what they want together.

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From team lunches to client meetings, make group orders a breeze.

310,000 Restaurants

Choose from 310,000+ restaurants

Your team will have access to our industry-leading restaurant selection, with local favorites and national chains.

Employees choose their own food

Employees choose their own food

There’s no middleman collecting orders; employees take control.

Meal quality and reliable delivery

Meal quality and reliable delivery

All large orders are paired with Equipped Dashers, who make sure your meals are packaged well and delivered safely.

“DoorDash for Work has helped us order quickly and conveniently, with many options available. We are also able to combine our orders into one single invoice, rather than pay with a company credit card every time.”

Tawni Martino, Executive Assistant at Zoom


Complex orders, made simple.

  • Pick a restaurant, share the link with your group, and invite them to add their order.
  • Reduce manual errors, so employees know they’re getting what they ordered.
  • Schedule group orders in advance, so food arrives just in time for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Food brings your team together.

  • With group orders, employees get to order exactly what they want, skipping a sauce or subbing a side with ease.
  • Add a layer of excitement to your next lunch and learn, team meeting, or client meeting.
  • Help your employees stay connected during otherwise ordinary — and sometimes solitary — work days.

Here's how it works.


Plan your team’s meal up to a week in advance. Choose a restaurant(s) for the group.


Set a spending limit, choose the delivery time, and share the unique link with your team.


Employees pick their own items and everything arrives labeled.

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