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New York City

DoorDash for Work brings the lively culinary scene of New York City directly to your employees with the best office food delivery in NYC. Your team members don’t have to waste valuable time waiting in line at the restaurant down the block or settle for whatever they can find in the office vending machine.

With high quality support and service for an exceptional ordering experience, coordinating meals for company or client meetings couldn't be easier. Use DoorDash to make work delicious for your employees.

Whatever your food craving, you can satisfy it at one of the countless restaurants in New York City, from hole-in-the-wall pizza joints to four-course, prix-fixe French dining experiences. Find cuisine options from countires across the continents-Mexico City tacos, Indian pulao, Japanese soba, Senegalese chicken yassa, and much, much more.

Whether they’re remote or in-office employees, DoorDash offers your team great flexibility and unforgettable meals.

Our Products
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Create a unique and attractive employee benefits package with a DoorDash subscription. Your team members receive $0 delivery and reduced service fees on all their orders.

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Expensed Meals

From breakfast meetings to late-night dinners while meeting a deadline, DoorDash is there for your employees. Expensed meals for work in New York City give your team plenty of options to order what they want, wherever they are.

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Group Orders

Ordering employee meals in New York City is seamless with DoorDash. With a group shopping cart, team members add their own dishes so that everyone can easily eat what they want, together.

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Employee Gift Cards

The simplest gestures can be the most meaningful. Treat team members to their favorite meal with an Employee Gift Card.

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DoorDash cares about New York

In April we launched DashPass for Work for healthcare workers, first teaming up with Mount Sinai, New York City's largest academic medical system, to donate free DashPass subscriptions to its 42,000 healthcare employees, including first responders, medical personnel and hospital staff.

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