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Of HR professionals are having trouble maintaining company culture due to the coronavirus pandemic.3


Of employees said regular food delivery would increase their job satisfaction.1

9 out of 10

Of working Americans say they miss some aspect of office food culture.2

Treat your employees to free meals

88% of companies believe food helps employees feel valued.


Save time and money

Bundling DashPass for Work with Expensed Meals makes your dollar go further, generating 15% to 29% in savings on budgets between $15 and $35.
Your employees save money too. When too busy with work to cook, a DashPass subscription saves them on average $4-$5 per delivery.

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Increase productivity

When working late on an important project, your employees already have a lot on their plate and little time to prepare a meal. In fact, 56% of employees felt that food benefits would increase their productivity.4

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Improve performance

Low blood sugar makes employees extra stressed. Nearly half of employees have had at least one work failure–missing a deadline, a call, or other work matter–because they needed to prep food.5

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Treat your employees to free meals

88% of companies believe food helps employees feel valued.6 Show your appreciation while saving time and money.

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With DashPass, our subscription service providing unlimited $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees, your employees will save on average $4-$5 per delivery. If your employees have DashPass, you could save an extra 15% to 29% on expensed meals between $15 and $35, saving even more when you want to treat your staff.

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Expensed Meals

In the DoorDash Work Portal, easily set recurring or one-time budgets for employees, which are automatically expensed to your corporate account. Whether for an important meeting or as a “thank you” for working late, you can reduce the manual labor of expensing meals.

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What it’s like using DoorDash for Work

"We've been happy to offer DoorDash/Caviar to our team at Q Bio. With the pandemic and with everyone working from home, we no longer had catered company meals for the team. But we knew that while we could no longer eat together, having lunch or dinner readily available was still a point of stress for many of our team. Getting Doordash and DashPass was a no brainer to help take care of our team at Q Bio and for everyone to have one less thing to worry about. It's been one of the most beloved benefits we hear about in this new normal."

Anonymous, Q Bio, Redwood City, CA

"We use Doordash for all of our virtual meetings and our employees and members love it! The team there has been great to work with and has provided us with top notch support and service.”

Kiran Lingam, Co-Founder, TechGC

"DoorDash's new platform that allows employers and employees to pay a share of the cost is amazing. It has simplified my work considerably. Our account manager is amazing and responds instantly whenever there is an issue. The monthly invoices are very convenient. The choice of restaurants is extensive and can be catered to your company's likes and dislikes. I highly recommend them!"

Portal Instruments, Boston, MA

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