New Study Points to the Most Competitive Workplace Benefits in 2021

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the past year has accelerated shifts in our work culture—with more companies adopting a remote or hybrid model than ever. As organizations move away from the office, the need for employee benefits that reflect current working conditions is evident. 

We surveyed industry-leading HR professionals, decision-makers, and employees to find out where benefits stand, where they fall short, and what employees and employers want to see moving forward. The report sheds light on:

  • What employees want from their benefit packages
  • How benefits can help improve employee retention rates
  • Why food benefits may be the missing link as companies shift to remote work
  • What HR representatives can do to make their workplaces more competitive

And much more. This original research points to how companies and employees can mutually work together to carve out new benefits—and ultimately help organizations flourish in the new landscape.