As businesses look into their long-term growth strategy, many companies are looking for employee benefits that can be used by both in-office and remote employees. Leaders are also looking for benefits that can support their employees during this difficult time, adding convenience, improving work-life balance, and productivity, while making it easier to tailor their benefits packages in quick, customizable ways.

Luckily, DoorDash for Work is now available on Rippling, an employee management platform that makes it easy to manage your employees' payroll, benefits, devices, apps, and more—all in one place. Now company leaders can customize their employee benefits.

Automate delivery benefits with an easy one-time setup

With Rippling, you can simply select which types of employees you want to offer DoorDash for Work–by role, employment type, department, or location–and within minutes your benefits program is set up. 

No longer are the days of manually onboarding a new hire to all your benefit programs. Rippling automatically sets up all they need to get started based on your preconfigured settings.

Easily track employee benefits

Once you set up an account, you can see how much DoorDash for Work is helping your employees. By ordering in from their favorite local restaurants, your employees don’t have to worry about meal prep and doing the dishes, giving them more time to recharge around dinner and lunch time. 

And lowering these everyday stressors can help your business grow. In fact, a University of Warwick study found happy employees are 12% more productive. On Rippling, you can see how frequently employees are using DoorDash for Work, enabling this benefit to have a daily impact on their output:

Customize your employee benefits in 3 minutes or less

On Rippling, you can access your DoorDash for Work products and customize them based on your employees’ needs. For example, give employees across your company access to DashPass, a subscription service that gives employees $0 delivery anytime, anywhere. And when your marketing team is working overtime for a big upcoming campaign launch, you can offer them Expensed Meals. Like on the DoorDash Work Portal, on Rippling you can also easily set up a $25 budget from 5pm to 11pm every day for a week and assign it to a specific team.

Set up one-time budgets too

Whether it’s a work anniversary or a holiday party, you can treat employees to their favorite restaurants. With Rippling and DoorDash’s Work Portal, you can set up one-time budgets for those special occasions:

Why are Employers choosing DoorDash for Work?

On top of increasing productivity, DoorDash for Work can help employees, both working from home and remotely, support a better work-life balance. Whether a parent ordering groceries for their family or a lawyer working late on a big case ordering food-in, DoorDash for Work is a benefit employees truly want. In fact, 63% of companies with a food program have seen a positive impact on company culture.

DoorDash for Work’s benefits can also be tailored to your business’s needs. For example, DashPass can offer a great ongoing benefit to support your employees, while paying for employee meals can be used for special events. Coupling Expensed Meals and DashPass benefits together on orders of $15 to $35 can save your employees an additional 15% to 29%. With DoorDash for Work available beside other benefits, such as 401k and healthcare, on Rippling, you’ll attract and retain the best talent. 

As you consider upgrading your employee benefits package, check out The ROI of DoorDash for Work, where we compare the impact of popular benefits.


Kristen Van Nest

Kristen Van Nest is an L.A.-based freelance B2B writer with bylines in Forbes, HuffPost, and VentureBeat to name a few. As a former Fulbright Scholar and Newsroom Columnist for the British Chamber of Commerce’s publication in China, she specializes in market trends and strategies businesses can use to grow. Her free time is spent ordering in dumplings and honeycomb ice cream and writing funny content to make people laugh.