Your employees are probably working harder than ever, in more challenging circumstances. If your team is working from home, everyone’s pivoted—carving out a makeshift office space, collaborating without the usual in-person meetings, and juggling the needs of roommates, partners, or kids who are also at home. That’s why it’s especially important to show them you value their contributions. One survey found that 79% of employees don’t feel appreciated at work, which can lead to low morale, decreased productivity, and high employee turnover. 

Make it a habit to express your gratitude to team members so that they feel encouraged and empowered. You can do this with a simple but thoughtful gesture: buying gift cards for employees.

The benefits of gift cards

Employee gift cards for food are ideal because they’re digital and easily available. You can give them out regularly or for special occasions. You can even surprise your employees by giving them a gift card for no other reason than to say “thank you” for their efforts. To make the gesture truly special, however, you want to give them a gift card you know they’ll appreciate and use. That’s why DoorDash for Work supplies you with the best gift cards for employees.

There are many ways you can put these unique restaurant gift cards to use at your company:

  • A reward for achieving performance goals.
  • A part of your company’s wellness program.
  • An incentive for attending virtual meetings or taking on special projects.
  • Recognition for an employee birthday, work anniversary, or other personal milestone.
  • A gift for employees working remotely. 

According to a survey in the industry publication Incentive Magazine, the most popular uses for employee gift cards include performance recognition (70.2%), sales incentives (48.6%), and non-sales recognition awards (30.4%).

Make work delicious with DoorDash Employee Gift Cards

Typical restaurant gift cards are only redeemable at one business. That may not work for all of your employees—some may live too far away from the restaurant to use it, while others may not like the type of cuisine served or have dietary restrictions. 

DoorDash for Work’s Employee Gift Cards solve that problem. These gift cards can be used at the restaurant of the recipient’s choice. From high-end restaurants to fast food, gift cards from DoorDash for Work are a flexible solution that meets everyone’s needs. 

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Plus, DoorDash Employee Gift Cards never expire, so your employees can use them whenever they want. Whether they’re planning to have an extra-special dinner for their birthday next year or just need the convenience of a quick meal at the end of a busy day today, a DoorDash gift card has them covered.

Thanking employees with gift cards for food reaps major benefits both for you and your team. Employees feel valued when they get special recognition from management, and a gift card offers a nice personal touch. In fact, the Incentive Magazine survey found that four out of five people felt that gift cards were more memorable than a gift of just cash. Gestures such as gift cards for employees can be huge motivators—people who say they get rewards that meet their needs are seven times more likely to be fully engaged with their job than employees who aren’t satisfied with their company’s rewards. 

And when your employees have purpose, your company will thrive. There will be a boost in goodwill and positive morale, which enhances the company’s overall culture. Happy team members make for a happy—and productive—business. 

The convenience of DoorDash for Work Employee Gift Cards

With DoorDash Employee Gift Cards, you can personalize the gift card message and design for any occasion. It’s that extra step that makes DoorDash gift cards the best gift cards for employees.

It’s easy to order DoorDash restaurant gift cards online. You can determine how much you want to spend on your total order (with a minimum $750 order), as well as the amount of money on each gift card. You can also schedule gift cards for special occasions so that they can be sent automatically on specific days, such as birthdays or service anniversaries. It’s convenient and requires little to no management on your part. Employee Gift Cards are also seamless for recipients to use—they just add them to their DoorDash account and redeem at their restaurant of choice. 

Gift cards for employees are thoughtful and versatile. Your team will appreciate DoorDash for Work’s Employee Gift Cards because they truly offer something for everyone. 

Gift cards are one of several innovative DoorDash for Work products, including DashPass for Work and Expensed Meals, that you can use to show your employees how much you appreciate them. To get started, contact us today.