Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings—your employees among them. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your team members know how much you value their hard work on the company’s behalf. 

Expressing gratitude at work is more powerful than you may think. In one study, people who wrote letters of thanks to others greatly underestimated how moved the recipients were by this simple yet meaningful gesture. Research also shows that gratitude can be foundational for strong, mutually cooperative relationships. 

Gratitude can have a transformational effect on your company, too. A study from the Wharton School found that when a group of university fundraisers received thanks and praise for their work, they made 50% more calls to raise money than coworkers who didn’t get the same feedback. Imagine the impact when incorporating these small gestures into your sales strategy.

When you’re consistently expressing gratitude to employees, it has a top-down effect that an article in The Academy of Management Review calls “collective gratitude.” Taking your cue, your team members are inspired to show their gratitude to colleagues. The positive interpersonal exchanges build trust among coworkers, and gratitude becomes ingrained in the company culture. Naturally, this makes a company a more attractive place to work, which helps with employee retention: one research paper states that 79% of workers who leave their jobs say a lack of appreciation was a major factor in their decision. 

If you want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to coworkers and employees, the best way to do it is by honoring and valuing them. It’s important that your message is honest and heartfelt. Avoid generic platitudes. Focus on an employee’s specific positive attributes. A small gift is always nice when appropriate. Here are some ways to express Thanksgiving gratitude to the people on your team:

Ways to cultivate gratitude at your company 

  1. Write a thank-you card
    Go beyond a general, “You’re great.” Did this particular employee help colleagues in another department on a major project or come up with an idea to save costs at the company? It will be a nice surprise when they receive the note or card from you in their mail. 
  2. Promote face-to-face expressions of gratitude
    Carve time out of your schedule each day to have individual video calls with the members of your department, and encourage your company’s leadership to do the same with their teams. This one-on-one time can be a crucial opportunity to connect with your employees, even if it’s just five or so minutes.
  3. Make a video
    One of the ways to show gratitude at work for your entire team is by filming a brief video message from the senior leaders. Send it to everyone via internal communications channels, or even post it on the company’s social media so that the public can see how great your employees are.  

New call-to-action

  1. Make a charitable donation on behalf of your employees Earmark the money for a nonprofit your company partners with. Alternatively, make a list of local charities and ask each employee to choose one for their donation, so there’s a personalized aspect to giving.
  2. Give a gift
    If you have a small number of employees, try customizing the gift to each recipient, based on their hobbies or interests, and have it delivered to their home. For larger companies, a great option is to send a gift of food, such as bagels or cookies, using DoorDash for order and delivery. If you’re unsure of dietary needs and preferences, email your team members a DoorDash for Work Employee Gift Card they can use to order their favorite foods. Another alternative: buy a group gift. Perhaps you want to get everyone a personal tablet they can use while working from home or an allowance they can use to spiff up their home office. For companies back onsite, think about a makeover for the break room, complete with a new coffee maker or healthy vending machine. One gift that works well, no matter where your team is based right now: a DashPass for Work subscription, which includes $0 delivery and reduced service fees on all DoorDash orders. 
  3. Feed your team
    If you’re wondering how to show gratitude to your employees, a food perk is always welcome. Offer them Expensed Meals—everyone has a set dollar amount they can spend, and meals can be ordered anywhere, anytime. It’s a flexible option that works well for employees, whether they’re based at home or in the office. Once you are all back together, try Group Orders. Here, you send out an order link to your employees, and they can add their requests. All meals are delivered at once to a single location, allowing everyone to eat together.  
  4. Offer time off
    Give them a break from their home office for the day. Since everyone typically has Thanksgiving as a paid holiday, allow your employees to take this bonus day off any time during the year as a floating holiday.
  5. Recognize their accomplishments outside of work
    Show employees you value them not just for what they do at work, but for who they are. Send a note and a thoughtful gift when employees accomplish milestones such as becoming parents, earning an advanced degree, or winning an award for community service. If you give an Employee Gift Card, you can include a personalized message of congratulations.
  6. Set aside time for a “moment of gratitude” at each team meeting
    It’s an opportune time to thank team members in front of the entire group, whether everyone’s in the conference room or calling in from home. Use the first five minutes of each meeting for a shout out to employees who’ve earned special merit.
  7. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude
    With the end of the year approaching, it’s the ideal opportunity to set intentions for the coming year. How can your company show employees appreciation in the long term? Make gratitude a key component of your company culture. Encourage employees to thank their coworkers via Slack whenever they’ve gone above and beyond to help. You can’t do it all alone. Ask employees to email you notes of thanks for their colleagues, and these can be published in the company newsletter or read aloud at the beginning of team meetings. Make a holistic investment in them: sponsor educational webinars, give them a gift card they can use to decorate their home office, establish an employee appreciation program if you don’t already have one, and consider an employee wellness program to support their health and wellbeing. 

Show your team some Thanksgiving gratitude by giving them DoorDash for Work meal solutions that can be used at home or the office. Contact us today to learn more.