The temptation to stay at our desks and work through lunch is a common one. Maybe there’s a project deadline on the horizon, or a mountain of paperwork to get through, or a client meeting looming. While an office where no one takes a break may seem productive at first glance, look closer, and you may see tired employees, low morale, and loss of productivity. That’s why savvy business leaders make sure to keep their team members well fed. 

Providing meals to your employees is a simple gesture that pays huge dividends — for your individual team members and the company’s bottom line. One survey of American and Canadian workers found that those who regularly took the time to eat lunch were more engaged with their jobs than those who skipped the meal. The people who ate lunch scored higher for job satisfaction and efficiency and had a more positive opinion of their company. Essentially, food makes people happy, and happier employees are more productive employees.

Skipping meals is bad for health and bad for business

Food is the body’s fuel, and without it, we’ll eventually run out of gas. When people skip meals, and their blood sugar levels drop, they may feel sluggish physically and mentally. 

That can lead to:

  • Fatigue.
  • Brain fog that dulls focus and concentration. 
  • Increased production of the stress hormone cortisol. This can weaken both an employee’s job performance and wellbeing. 
  • Stress-induced hunger may trigger irritability and negativity: trademark signs of hanger.

Healthy diets increase productivity

Feeding your team alleviates those concerns. In fact, supplying meals is a great wellness benefit —instead of snacking or skipping meals, employees have access to nutritious food that fits their dietary goals. And that benefits everybody:

  • In one study, people who ate a healthy diet were 25% more likely to be satisfied with their job performance, and 16% to 27% less likely to miss days at work. 
  • Better eating habits are also an antidote to presenteeism. Employees may show up for their jobs, but can’t fulfill their duties due to a health condition. When we eat well, we function well in all areas of life.

A gift of food shows you appreciate your team’s hard work

Finally, a free meal is a truly heartfelt gesture. It considers the employees’ needs and serves a practical purpose. And when a benefit is meaningful and thoughtful, employees will appreciate it and feel valued by the company. This is a perk your employees will savor. 


Make work delicious for your employees with DashPass for Work

Office food delivery programs are great for employees who can’t get away from their desks to eat during the day. The food comes to them, so they still get a delicious lunch without having to take the time out of their busy schedule to go get it themselves. But not just any food delivery service at work will suffice. 

DashPass for Work is an ideal solution for feeding your team because it offers tremendous value and convenience. Typical delivery programs charge extra service and delivery fees on top of a food order. DashPass for Work offers $0 delivery fees and reduced service charges — that means your employees save an average of $4 to $5 on every order. 

Plus, don’t forget the sheer number of choices that come with hundreds of DoorDash partner restaurants. It’s a varied selection with plenty of healthy food options that will appeal to everyone's palates and give them the nutritional boost they need during busy days. 

As the office admin, HR all-star, or anyone in charge of keeping employees happy, DashPass is easy for you to maintain, with little to no management required on your part. You set up your system by choosing how many DashPass for Work subscriptions your company will subsidize and sending your employees’ email addresses to DoorDash. All they have to do is opt in to the service. 

Get Started with DoorDash for Work 

DashPass for Work can be part of a comprehensive meal benefit program that may also include expensed meals and employee gift cards for food. With DoorDash for Work, you can customize a package for your company that meets your employees’ needs. When lunchtime rolls around again, give your employees a reason to take a break from their desks, and enjoy the pleasures of a delicious meal. 

Contact us to learn more about how to keep your team happy, not hungry, with DashPass for Work, and other DoorDash for Work meal solutions.

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